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Top-Up Series

Introduction to the Top-up Series By Regaal Plus

Buy orthopedic mattresses online in Punjab, India, The orthopedic mattress by the Regaal Plus consist of four premium mattresses options, so that you can choose between the premium mattresses.

  • Nexa
  • Nexa Plus
  • Dignity
  • Healthy Sleep

These top four mattresses are made with the intention to improve your good night sleeping experience. Every mattress is well designed to provide you the unmatched comfort and support during your resting hours. We are ensuring that you get restful sleep every night.

Nexa mattress is a package of the optimal comfort in the small budget. Nexa comes with 5 inch thickness and a solid warranty of 3 years. This is the best choice for the people who are looking for the best for their comfort.
Nexa Plus
Enjoy the 3 years warranty with the package of 5 inch thickness of the mattress. You can go with the Nexa Plus for the ultimate comfort and your peace of mind. Get the quality and comfort assurance with the Nexa Plus mattresses
Dignity is capable of providing you the highest level of comfort for your good night sleep. You can get assurance of the ultimate luxury and durability in Dignity mattress. This mattress is 7 inch thick and comes with a mountain like big 5 year warranty.
Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep is more like a luxurious bedding product which will not only provide you the extreme level of comfort but will also provide the wellness and comfort for your good night sleep. A Healthy Sleep mattress is composed of the 7 inch thick layer which comes backed by 5 years of solid warranty. You can get a wide selection of mattresses in our Top-up series mattresses. You can definitely get your individual sleep requirement among the four choices.

Buy Top-Up Mattress Online in Punjab, India from Regaal Plus for quality comfort and restorative sleeping experience.

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