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Bonded Series

Bonded Series

When a person suffers from body and joint ache, they need to use mattresses specially made to help these conditions. We at Regaal Plus, have put our heart and soul to bring such mattresses for you. You can check our Bonded Series mattresses made specially for people with body issues. You also have the option to Buy Bonded Foam Mattresses Online in India at our stores. 

The base layer of this series of mattresses are made with Polyurethane Scraps (PUF) fused together to make it sturdy for pepper body support. It keeps your back properly supported which helps in reducing body aches.
This mattress is made with multiple layers of dense Polyurethane foam which maintains the structure. Your mattress remains intact for many years without sagging or caving.
The mattress is made especially for those who have issues with body ache. It keeps your spine aligned properly so your body acn let go of all the fatigue.

The upper layers of this mattress are made with such foam that has sufficient bounce to it. It moulds around your body and feels like a big hug. It feels like buying a 5 Star Hotel Bed Mattress at Low Costs in Punjab.

This series of mattresses come in varying thickness, you can choose a thicker option if you are a little heavy.
This is a smart mattress, it requires very little maintenance. It does not allow dust and pollution to settle on it, so it remains like new for a very long time.
Bonded series of mattresses are made with foam which naturally repels any mite and bed bug to grow on it. This is the perfect option for people who have allergies.
This mattress is perfect for people with different sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you sleep comfortably and wake up fresh and energetic.
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