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Introduction to the Luxury Series By Regaal Plus

Luxury Series Mattress by the Regaal Plus is the trademark in the field of lavishness and relaxation. Our special series include the three different and extremely comfortable mattresses. Gen X Plus , Classic and Gen X2 respectively each mattress is made to meet your specific comfort needs.

Gen X Plus

Gen X Plus is your ultimate tool to access the unmatched comfort for your good night sleep. It is a five inch thick mattress. That will redefine the feel of luxurious sleep in our series. Gen X Plus can be considered as the pinnacle for the most luxurious comfort. For ensuring your peaceful sleep it comes with a 3 years solid warranty.

As the name indicates it is more like a timeless and elegant quality mattress. Its comfort and feel never gets old. This 7 inch thick mattress comes with a solid 5 year warranty. If you love that classic feel in bed at night then this mattress is the perfect choice for you.
Gen X 2

The most ideal competitor in the sector of style and comfort. It’s a seamless blend of elegance and the comfort for your ideal good night sleep. The optimum between the luxury and the cost you get with this mattress is unmatched. Gen X 2 comes with the 5 inches thickness and 3 years od solid warranty that will help you to sleep more peacefully at night.

Each mattress comes in different sizes. There are four size options available for each mattress to meet the requirement according to your space. No matter what mattress you select you will assure that you are investing your money in a great quality mattress

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