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Semi-Rebonded Series

Buy Natural Living Mattress Online in India

If your old mattress has gone bad and you are in the market to buy a new one, you should check the Semi-Rebonded series mattresses out. You can Buy Natural Living Mattress Online in Punjab, India from Regaal Plus.  We all know that a  good sleep for less time is better than tossing and turning the entire night. You wake up fresh and are full of energy to take on the day.


This type of mattress is made of Layers of rebonded foam fused together so it is firm but feels like a big hug to your body. This mattress provides a much needed support to your weight and acquires shape according to the contours of your body.


It is a durable option as the fused layers do not sag and disintegrate over the years. It is worth your money. 

Sleeping Posture

If you suffer from bad sleeping posture and aches that it causes then it is the best bedding option for you. It is firm but allows you to move freely. It is ideal for people who sleep on their stomach as well as their sides. You can sleep however you want as it distributes your body weight equally. It is a very supportive bedding option. It provides good posture and gives relief from body ache from bad sleeping habits. This mattress is very comfortable and highly effective in relieving back pain.

Temperature Fluctuation

If you have issues with temperature fluctuations during sleep then go for this mattress. This mattress is smart and changes temperature according to your body temperature. So, you do not shiver or sweat while you sleep. 

Indoor Pollution 

An ordinary mattress traps so much dirt and allergens that it can cause pollution inside your homes. So, if you do not want to sleep on a dirty mattress, then buy the Semi-Rebonded Series. It does not allow dust to accumulate and you get to breathe fresh air.

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