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Struggling with Mattress Durability? Have You Considered These Solutions

best online mattress store in India
best online mattress store in India

A person spends roughly a third of their life sleeping. That is a lot of time to be spent on the mattress. How long it survives is determined by various factors. If suitable quality materials are used to construct the mattress, it will last a long time. How it is cared for over the years also impacts its lifespan.

Did the above rambling confuse you about your mattress purchase? Do you need clarification about which store to buy your mattress from? Then stop, don’t worry; buying a mattress doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can now buy your next mattress from the best online mattress store in India. You will have a large selection of mattresses, carefully sorted based on price, type, and intent. 

Sleeping on a clean mattress is vital because it ensures clean air and an overall healthy environment for you to sleep in as well.

Generally, a high-quality memory foam mattress is preferred over the traditional innerspring mattress. A memory foam mattress is made of multiple layers of high-quality polyol foam. These foam layers differ in thickness, providing a perfect understructure contouring feel and even support distribution. You can buy foam mattress online that fits your budget and requirements. 

If you don’t want to throw away your mattress sooner, then you must follow these steps to keep your mattress in good shape and ensure you have it for a long time. 

5 Ways to Enhance Mattress Longevity

Mattress protector

I can’t begin to express how important a mattress protector is. It can be a game changer If you put a mattress protector over the mattress right after you buy it.

You can think that you are neat and tidy all you want, but accidents happen, spills happen, and you want to avoid finding their way from the duvet and bed sheet into the mattress and ruining it. 

Also, body fluids, oil, and skin flakes can find their way into the foam mattress. Different body products that we use can also stain the mattress.

Correctly supported mattress

The life of a mattress also depends on how you have supported your mattress. Now you don’t need to buy a whole new bed frame but ensure that your mattress is evenly supported to wear evenly. Foam mattresses need a solid platform so that your weight is evenly distributed and the foam mattress does not develop unwanted dips.

Bouncing on the bed is a big no-no-

You should never jump on your bed. It is dangerous and can damage the structure of the mattress by putting unnecessary pressure on the mattress, which is not made for kids or adults jumping on it.

Avoid eating on the bed-

A simple snack in bed might seem harmless, but tiny food crumbs can accumulate in the crevices of the foam mattress and attract little critters. Cleaning experts have said that people that don’t clean after themself run the risk of bed bugs as they only need little food to survive.

Vacuum your mattress-

Yes, you heard it right; regular vacuuming the mattress prevents the accumulation of dirt and gunk in the foam mattress. It also contains the building of dust mites and allergens.


When your mattress lasts longer, your investment is worth it. However, if you read through the tips mentioned above and still feel it is time for a new mattress, You can look at top mattresses at Regaal Plus that would last you a long time. 

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